Walleteum Announcement: ICO starting from 7th August — 28 September

2 min readAug 6, 2021


Crypto has been on the rise and so is the technology that plays a supporting role. Walleteum is a highly secure wallet for managing all of your crypto assets. With Walleteum, you don’t need specific digital wallets to manage every cryptocurrency separately.

It is a smart contract technology that helps you exchange one cryptocurrency for another using a centralized intermediary. The Walleteum Operating system and the patented deep-centralized private blockchains network technology aims to change it fundamentally and make it more useful for businesses and everyday life.

The walleteum allows the user to create an account where they can save all of their sensitive data. This data includes usernames and passwords, credit details, bank accounts details, and any other information they want to add.

With Walleteum, we can remove all of your security concerns. The wallet features a highly secure layer. Walleteum uses two NSA-grade cryptographic layers that protect the Keystore and your data.

The online wallet has a lot of features, making it one of the best choices for people all over the world. These features include cross-chain compatibility, support for multiple devices, whether iOS or Android, support for the hardware, desktop, and mobile wallets. Furthermore, with the support for various blockchains and self-custodial wallets, the app also has a swap feature where you can exchange cryptocurrencies and generate a wallet free of cost.

Join Walleteum ICO

We thank all contributors to the Walleteum project and we are pleased to announce that we are finally there. Walleteum ICO is starting from August 7 — September 28.

All interested investors are welcome to join us and receive Walleteum tokens (EUM) issued by the company based on ethereum . We know that you have waited a long but now you have a chance to be a part of the future.

Become a part of Walleteum family by joining ICO at: https://www.walleteum.org

Once again, we thank all the supporters of the project who have waited eagerly for the ICO. Now is the chance for you to participate in ICO and buy Walleteum tokens.

What is Walleteum ICO?

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a crowdfunding process where all the Walleteum enthusiasts and supporters will be able to buy Walleteum tokens with falt or digital currency. These tokens are similar to shares of the company.

To participate in Walleteum ICO program, you should familiarize yourself with Walleteum and get to know about the products, services, and benefits offered by Walleteum. After investing in Walleteum tokens, you will be able to utilize the products and services offered by the company.

For all the contributors and supporters, we urge to get more information about Walleteum products and services by visiting: http://www.walleteum.com/




Walleteum is an anonymous cryptocurrency wallet with instant exchange and synchronization with decentralized exchanges!