Walleteum Partners with TrustWallet

Token EUM Available on Trust Wallet

1 min readJun 17, 2020


Today we are proud to announce our integrations with Walleteum (EUM). All Trust users will now have access to EUM coin in the multi-coin wallet — on iOS and Android — and we are very excited to welcome new users into the Trust family.

TrustWallet is a decentralized repository that supports the leading cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, and XRP. Its built-in Web3 browser lets users operate decentralized apps without leaving TrustWallet. The application guarantees anonymity and includes multiple layers of identity security.

Walleteum users can open an account by creating an Ethereum address using TrustWallet and purchasing at least $10 in EUM (you can get it on Saturn DEX) . Once the account is created, a shareable QR code appears that contains account credentials. Anyone can copy or scan that account into the app for a step setup.

TrustWallet is a leader in cryptocurrency wallets; integration with the app means that many more users will have an easy way to hold, trade, and transfer EUM. It’s a major step forward for our vision of a private internet.

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