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Walleteum Operating System and patented Deep-decentralized Private Blockchains Network technology fundamentally changes blockchain technology, making it highly usable for business and daily life. Walleteum platform is powered by blockchain, smart-contracts, AI and Dynamic bio-metrics technologies, which unite to enhance security, reduce operating costs of operations, and automate business processes. We are members of the Linux Foundation, Hyper-ledger, and RDS Partner Network.

On walleteum, the user will be able to create an account where they can save sensitive data, such as: users and passwords, details of bank accounts or any information they wish to be grouped in blocks , in the blockchain in a secure way, to these blocks the user can assign successors which will receive the information contained in the block.

We are building relationships with a range of companies in a wide variety of sectors that collectively are creating economic opportunity, and empowering individuals worldwide with financial liberty.

A safe and simple wallet for everyone. Walleteum’s wallet helps newcomers to seize cryptocurrency investment opportunities. Accelerate global adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency to mass consumers. Walleteum aims to become the number one wallet for all users and investors with related tools.

Support for Multiple Devices.
Cross-chain Compatibility.
The app includes a swap feature for exchanging cryptocurrencies.
Support for multiple blockchains allows for more choices.
self-custodial wallet.

Today, we will sell tokens in a limited way according to the roadmap. After this sale, listing in exchange offices will be our next step. walleteum plans to start selling its tokens privately and in a limited way from July 6 to July 18. You can register on as follows and participate in this Limited sale at the appointed time.

1- Login your account to website walleteum(
You can create account by gmail simple.

2-On the dashboard, please click submit KYC information According to the example below.

3- now you can waiting for Approve your KYC and buy EUM token.

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Wallet APP :

Official website:

Project website:

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Walleteum is an anonymous cryptocurrency wallet with instant exchange and synchronization with decentralized exchanges!

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Walleteum is an anonymous cryptocurrency wallet with instant exchange and synchronization with decentralized exchanges!

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